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Unispace partners with MATES in Construction

To better support the wellbeing of our workers, Unispace is proud to partner with Mates in Construction.

In a recent survey, 43% of workers said their mental health was worse since the pandemic.  

To better support our team through tough times, we are proud to announce our partnership with MATES in Construction, an organization focused on improving mental health and wellbeing within the industry.  

“MATES focuses on improving on-site culture, removing the stigma associated with mental health, and opening up communication channels for workers." - Oliver Bones, HSE Business Partner, Unispace

MATES began in 2008 as a result of the high rate of suicide among construction workers in Australia. Unfortunately, in New Zealand, we find ourselves in a similar position.  A culture of not having open conversations with friends or seeking help is a key issue that MATES is aiming to tackle. 

"All Unispace employees in New Zealand and all workers on-site will receive a general awareness induction that will provide the knowledge and skills workers need to start a conversation with someone who might be struggling." - Oliver Bones, HSE Business Partner, Unispace

We look forward to running MATES sessions on our sites in New Zealand as we continue to engage with and grow our construction community.  

Find out more about MATES in Construction