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Wellbeing and the office

79% of UK adults feel stressed at least one day per month

Awareness of the need for mental wellbeing initiatives in the workplace has never been higher and for good reason. A recent CIPHR study revealed:

The overwhelming majority (79%) of UK adults feel stressed at least one day per month, and the average adult admits to feeling stressed more than twice a week.

These figures have no doubt been exacerbated by the global pandemic, but as we settle into the ‘new normal’, we’re facing a stress epidemic in the modern world of work. What’s causing this is certainly varied; excessive workloads, struggles with a permanent shift to remote working, changes at work and high levels of staff turnover are just a few examples of stress-inducing environments people are facing. Whatever the reason for these high levels of anxiety, employers are facing increasing calls to do more to support staff. While there’s a wealth of steps that can be taken, there’s one thing that often gets overlooked: the impact of the office on mental health.

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