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Our story

We revolutionise the creation of workplace. We provide an agile end-to-end experience fit for today’s ever-changing global brands.







Unispace has been shaking up workplace delivery for 10 years. It started in 2010, when a group of seasoned design and construction professionals came together to define a better way. We call it Think, Create, Make.

Today, we continue to revolutionise the creation of workplace to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing global brands. Our agile, end-to-end experience, delivered seamlessly across borders, is powered by strong client partnerships and enabled by sound workplace intelligence and transformational technology

How we work

Unispace Project Management - Technical & Construction Management
While conventional workplace delivery often fails to meet the pace of change, Unispace seamlessly blends strategy, design and delivery in an agile and responsive end-to-end experience. Designed to adapt and iterate to clients’ needs, our integrated approach to workplace creation reduces risk and can be delivered up to 25% faster for our clients—all without compromising on quality or performance.


Global intelligence-led strategy

Organisations and their people attain the most value from workplaces built on human-centred research. We partner with clients to ask the hard questions, challenge convention, apply new thinking from multiple disciplines and perspectives and create solutions for a more profitable, effective and human business future.




Design-driven solutions

Design brings people together to create ideas and better business outcomes. At Unispace, we set egos aside to create environments that engage, empower and inspire the people who inhabit them. Together with our clients, we translate strategy and business aspirations into spaces that unlock the potential of people, allowing them to do their best, most creative work.




Risk-free delivery

The conventional process of translating design into a built environment is broken; delays and cost-overruns are almost inevitable and are often borne by the client. Unispace offers a risk-free delivery model, through a seamless and end-to-end integration of design and construction teams. Our projects conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point.

Our values

Unispace’s DNA is fresh, energetic, courageous, humble and loyal. These values are inherent in everything that we do and shape the way we work.


Sustainability & wellbeing

We design healthier, more human workspaces

We share our clients’ commitment to the preservation of our natural resources. Our designs balance human needs, economic imperatives and environmental stewardship. We believe that strategic design solutions which enhance wellbeing not only create value in the workplace, but help to attract the best talent and keep your existing workforce healthy and engaged.

Our people

Core to our DNA is a passion for workplace, where people-driven organisations come together to achieve their goals. Since our beginnings, this unwavering focus has led our 600+ talented professionals to develop industry-leading insights and sound workplace intelligence.

Fuelled by our work alongside innovative global brands and through our inspiring global events program, this continuous learning informs our workplace strategy and our integrated approach—and leads better performing outcomes for our clients.

Our Global Leadership team is made up of a diverse representation of global and regional leaders from across the business. They drive global alignment, support and embed key initiatives, and ensure that we’re on track to achieve our ambitious growth targets.

Our Discipline leaders lead our teams in revolutionising the creation of workplace, setting the strategic framework to achieve our goals across each team.

Our clients

We partner with our clients to create environments that express each organisation’s unique culture, while supporting their local and global business objectives. Our aim is to develop long term relationships and clients for life.