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Our story

We revolutionize the creation of workplace. We provide an agile end-to-end experience fit for today’s ever-changing global brands.







Unispace has been shaking up workplace delivery for over 10 years. It started in 2010, when a group of seasoned design and construction professionals came together to define a better way. We call it Think, Create, Make.

Today, we continue to revolutionize the creation of workplace to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing global brands. Our agile, end-to-end experience, delivered seamlessly across borders, is powered by strong client partnerships and enabled by sound workplace intelligence and transformational technology

How we work

Unispace Project Management - Technical & Construction Management
While conventional workplace delivery often fails to meet the pace of change, Unispace seamlessly blends strategy, design and delivery in an agile and responsive end-to-end experience. Designed to adapt and iterate to clients’ needs, our integrated approach to workplace creation reduces risk and can be delivered up to 25% faster for our clients—all without compromising on quality or performance.


Global intelligence-led strategy

Organizations and their people attain the most value from workplaces built on human-centered research. We partner with clients to ask the hard questions, challenge convention, apply new thinking from multiple disciplines and perspectives and create solutions for a more profitable, effective and human business future.




Design-driven solutions

Design brings people together to create ideas and better business outcomes. At Unispace, we set egos aside to create environments that engage, empower and inspire the people who inhabit them. Together with our clients, we translate strategy and business aspirations into spaces that unlock the potential of people, allowing them to do their best, most creative work.




Risk-free delivery

The conventional process of translating design into a built environment is broken; delays and cost-overruns are almost inevitable and are often borne by the client. Unispace offers a risk-free delivery model, through a seamless and end-to-end integration of design and construction teams. Our projects conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Unispace has been shaking up the workplace creation industry for 10 years with a fresh perspective and joined-up approach to strategy, design and delivery. Being bold is who we are. Creating places where people do their best work is what we do.

We want to take that further. We want Unispace to be a place where differences are celebrated. Addressing DEIB in our organization is a moral and global imperative.

As we embark on a new era of ownership and leadership, we are humbled by the significant progress of other businesses in our sector and beyond. Now it’s our time to join this effort and drive transformative change.

As we embark upon our commitment to embedding progressive DEIB practices throughout all aspects of our business, we're creating an environment where our teams appreciate and welcome differences, and our people feel empowered and celebrated.

Our commitment doesn't stop there. As we embed DEIB practices, we are particularly focused on building our Supplier Diversity program — establishing partnerships with key agencies and organizations across our markets and cultivating relationships to explore how our visions and strategies can align.

This will be a journey. We have ambitious aspirations, an energetic team to deliver them, and limitless opportunities for our talented people to exceed their own expectations.

Our companies


Global experiential design firm Downstream joined Unispace in October of 2021, expanding our capabilities to provide industry-leading spaces that integrate interactive digital and physical experiences in global tech hubs, flagship retailers, major sports venues, education spaces, and other public and private destination environments around the world. Together, we provide agile, end-to-end experiences fit for today’s ever-changing global brands.

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BioPharma Engineering

Life sciences engineering consulting firm BioPharma Engineering joined Unispace in January of 2022, becoming BPE, a Unispace Life Sciences company. They offer bespoke engineering design for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors and have worked with seven of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Regeneron, Viatris (Mylan) and GE Healthcare. This partnership gives us a deeper technical capability to deliver laboratory, research, and facility space, and serve our global clients everywhere through industry specialization, expanded account management, and geographic expansion.

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Sustainability & wellbeing

We design healthier, more human workspaces

We share our clients’ commitment to the preservation of our natural resources. Our designs balance human needs, economic imperatives and environmental stewardship. We believe that strategic design solutions which enhance wellbeing not only create value in the workplace, but help to attract the best talent and keep your existing workforce healthy and engaged.

Our people

The very best talent in strategy, design, and construction—all aligned around our clients’ needs. Since our beginnings, our unwavering focus on workplace has led our 600+ talented people to develop industry-leading insights that have helped shape the industry.

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Our clients

We partner with our clients to create environments that express each organization's unique culture, while supporting their local and global business objectives. Our aim is to develop long term relationships and clients for life.