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WorkReady Survey: Data that will drive your workplace strategy

Over the past few months, employees have found a way to work from home and stay productive. As restrictions lift and we begin to make a return to the office, big questions are being asked about the future workplace. Because one thing seems certain: it will never be the same again.

We've been hearing some big questions from our clients

  • What is the role of the workplace in the future?
  • Do employees want to come back?
  • What type of work will they be doing when they return?
  • How do you foster productivity, innovation and employee engagement with a distributed workforce?
  • How and where do we build brand and create culture?

But how do you find the answers?

Unispace’s WorkReady Survey was developed to be a simple and easy way to give your people a chance to tell you exactly what they think and feel about their work right now.

By measuring the current sentiment on issues such as wellbeing, culture, productivity and remote working, you can make informed decisions about your future workplace strategy.

The heavy lifting is done for you: we design the survey, tailor it to your business, collect and analyse the data, then offer our recommendations based on your business goals.

Ready to create a workplace strategy backed by data?
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