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Creating the ultimate customer experience through delivery excellence

At Unispace, we're driving smarter outcomes and delivering higher project performance for our clients, by embedding delivery excellence into our everyday ways of working.  

A perfect project outcome 

The perfect project outcome is simple – a happy client. It’s how we know we’ve managed and delivered your project above and beyond expectation.

And how do we get there?

A project is delivered successfully when our client has had a seamless experience from start to finish. We don’t just value how we finish a job, the journey to get there is equally as important.

Our delivery excellence behaviours are embedded into our ways of working. Our teams are committed to building every workplace with the client experience at the front of our minds, creating positive relationships and building trust throughout a project lifecycle. This guarantees consistency for our clients across every project globally. 

Creating the ultimate customer experience 

It can often be daunting embarking on a workplace construction project, with clients worried about everything from project risk, to meeting program deadlines and going over budget.

With client satisfaction as our top priority, every single touch-point on your project is carefully thought out. Our process means we sweat the small stuff, and we keep you informed every step of the way to leave a positive lasting impression.

Driving smarter outcomes with seamless customer experience 

We’ve empowered our teams with tools and technology that drive smarter outcomes to ultimately create a seamless customer experience and meeting your project goals.

  • Integrated technology solutions
  • 3D modelling
  • Systematic programming
  • Health and safety programs

Integrated technology solutions

Our technology platforms offer transparent programming, accuracy and cost clarity in real time. This translates to improved construction sequencing, programming efficiencies and quality of workmanship on site. 

3D Modelling

Our technical design teams create advanced 3D modelling which allows us to estimate, plan and envisage your project goals early in the process to support your decision making.

This moves your project forward quickly to guarantee the desired outcome. For COTY as part of their global guidelines our technical design team created 3D digital modelling of their work settings. This will help to envisage new workplace layouts in their global locations ahead of implementation to ensure seamless delivery. 

Systematic programming 

Some clients need to work while their refurbishment is happening. In these cases systematic programming allows us to minimise disruption for our clients; reducing noise and air pollution during a workplace refurbishment.  Our effective Health & Safety programs create lasting positive effects for our clients. We achieved the best out come for Coca-Cola Amatil during their refurbishment, using a complex stacking program and a transition space in the office to deliver five floors to schedule and budget. 

All these measures mean our clients feel empowered in the knowledge that they are in safe hands. We deliver on our promises by doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it. And we strive for excellence at every touch point so that ultimately, we achieve better results for our clients.