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Using an integrated approach to move workplace projects forward

In this era of disruption, we've found new processes, tools, and solutions to keep projects on track and within budget. This has allowed us to maintain strong client relationships and deliver workplaces that meet the pace of change.

Here are some of the keys to our success: 

Leveraging transformational technology 

Integrating technology has become a necessity for many construction teams to communicate with all parties, monitor site progression, and complete various tasks typically done in person. Management platforms like the one we use, OpenSpace, enables project teams and stakeholders to virtually track and tour job sites they’re not able to visit. This means we’ve been able to streamline information, empower smart decision making, and drive results.

Technology is going to play a huge role in the future, both in the workplace and with workforces. With our projects, being able to “virtually” be on site has been a huge help to maintain real time visibility on their progress.

Being in the know about local markets  

Throughout the pandemic, logistics and access hurdles have caused a number of construction, delivery, and service challenges. These have varied nationally and globally, and as a result, having an understanding of the global landscape combined with local market knowledge has been crucial to meeting the needs of our global clients. Our on the ground experts have allowed us to move jobs forward with limited interruptions, for a faster and smoother process.  

Putting the client first 

Navigating internal and external hurdles has been challenging to say the least, but we believe creating a exceptional client experience is critical to building long-lasting relationships. Just like with their internal teams, our construction managers make sure key stakeholders and decision makers are informed, comfortable, and satisfied throughout the process.  We’re helping our clients answer the big questions they’re facing with workplace. When changes need to be made, we’re collaborating, problem solving, and communicating with them to make smart decisions. 

Creating a seamless end-to-end experience 

Through our integrated approach,blending strategy and design with pre-construction and delivery, we’ve been able to resolve issues with access and other challenges early on in the project. When construction is involved during the early planning stages, potential issues can be communicated and minimized with a collaborative plan of attack. This has enabled our teams to deliver projects more quickly without sacrificing quality even during these uncertain times. 

The pandemic has challenged us expand our horizons and incorporate new tools and processes. By leveraging technology, knowing the local markets, and focusing on the client experience, all within an end-to-end approach, we’ve completed projects successfully even under difficult circumstances. 

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