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Your handy employer checklist for day one success

Getting ready to open your offices again? Our handy checklist has you covered. From risk assessments and hygiene measures to phased return guidance and maintaining social distancing, gain peace of mind with these post-COVID-19 protocols firmly ticked off your list.

Now that lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, there’s a rush to know how we can safely return to the workplace. There are so many guidelines and protocols given to us from the government and WHO, so it can be tricky to know if your workplace is ready to welcome your team back into the space.

The main goal for every organisation is prioritising the health and safety of their people. Companies want to ensure that employees feel confident in the cleanliness of the workplace without the worry of risking contracting the virus.

We want to help ease the stress and change management of teams returning to the workplace, so we’ve compiled a handy checklist you can use when implementing post-COVID-19 workplace measures. Be sure to action these well in advance of day one and clearly communicate to your team that every effort has been made to ensure their safety.


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