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Blue-sky thinking: Woodside featured in Indesign Magazine

Following the completion of Woodside’s new ‘destination workplace’ in Perth, Indesign Magazine talked with our Regional Design Principal, Dean Rikanovic about their new wellness-focused campus.

Using an organic, exploratory and pioneering process, Unispace and Woodside co-created the design brief for the 32 floor fitout. “There was a lot of engagement with the Woodside business and key stakeholders,” says Dean. “We learned together and built the brief, and the learning hasn’t stopped even now, because we’ve included the latest and greatest workplace technologies, and those continue to evolve.”

Woodside is not only a place that encourages staff to do their best work, but is a place that enables a true work-life balance, featuring fitness and health facilities for staff to enjoy, spaces for their family members to utilise, and cutting-edge technology to streamline work processes.

Read the full article published by Indesign here.