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The Future of Campus at CoreNet EMEA Summit

We are delighted to once again be a sponsor and panel host at the CoreNet EMEA Summit in Madrid. As one of the world's premier real estate events, we are proud to be discussing our research and experience developing campuses fit for the future.

As an organisation that likes to think differently and anticipate trends for occupiers in the coming years, CoreNet EMEA Summit is the perfect opportunity for us at Unispace to showcase our research and projects as living proof of our business practice of innovation worldwide. 

In Madrid, a welcoming and passionate city that is committed to transformation, we will be discussing the ways in which technology and workplace can come together to change the tide of business. 

Our panel will take place on Thursday, September 27th at 14:15 where Unispace design and strategy will be taking you through the Campus of the Future, which sets a new global standard for the office headquarters. 

Unispace will be on the ground in Madrid all week long with our team available for meetings. If you would like to speak with the team after our panel or another member of our team during the week, contact us to book in a time.


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