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Video: Redefining Workplaces

The big picture is important, but the details also matter. When we design and build a workplace, we strategically look at how it can help achieve your business goals and support your people, but we also make sure that the stitching on the edge of the upholstered seating coordinates with the floor pattern.

We’re interested in all the details that come together to make a workplace whole.

We're creating a series of videos that look at workplaces in terms of the details that tie them together, as well as the overarching achievements that enable them to engage staff, empower potential and achieve business goals.

Grown from the personalities and preferences of your staff, we create space types that reflect your ideal workstyles and then layout plans that maximize productivity, innovation and collaboration to achieve your objectives.

Throughout this series we’ll show this process, but more importantly, how that process makes the spaces we design and build better.

We started with our Boston Studio:


“Our studio represents everything we believe in, -it's our living laboratory to test out ideas and pass on knowledge to our clients. It’s important to have fun too, and we designed the space with wellness and flexibility in mind.” – Natasha Tashian - Senior Associate, Design

Our IIDA Award Winning Boston studio is all about Activity-Based Working – there’s no assigned desks, and staff sit near people they need to work with for their current project. This model works great for us, but it may not be the perfect solution for every company or every industry. We use our space as a testing ground, and pass the results on to our clients.  

Through this series, we'll highlight some of the different workplaces we have helped create and take a look at what makes them tick.

Want to see our next video and know how details create the whole for other companies?