January 18, 2019

Video: Redefining Workplaces - Text 100

A workplace that can become more than a workplace, Text100’s New York home is wired differently.

The next video in our Redefining Workplaces series focuses on Text100’s fully agile workplace. The 2018 DrivenXDesign award-winning space is all about flexibility and supporting the workstyles of Text100’s employees. With a plethora of meeting spaces large and small, there is a space for every type of work, whether that is hyper-focused, or large group collaboration.

From small details like wire-mesh enclosed columns to branded graffiti walls, multiple elements come together to create a unique and inspiring experience for staff to do their best, most satisfying work.

Watch our exclusive video that walks you through the workplace and pops out how Text100's staff use it to be more engaged and productive: