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Creating an experiential and branded environment for Seismic’s new San Diego HQ

Unispace designs an office of the future for global sales enablement company, Seismic to support their growing hybrid workforce.

Prioritizing the employee experience 

Employee-centric design is becoming critical to designing office spaces. Research from Gartner reports companies that create employee-centric work environments are 3.1x more likely to see less fatigue across their workforce, and their employees are 3.2x more likely to remain with the company and 3.8x more likely to exhibit high performance.  

With their employees’ needs top of mind, Seismic’s leaders conducted focus groups to understand what their employees needed to feel supported. Their new headquarters is built with intention, creating an experiential environment that promotes employee efficiency and collaboration. 

“At Seismic, we strive to live and breathe a culture of belonging rooted in our shared mission, vision, and values–and this extends to our office spaces. The employee experience has fundamentally shifted in the past three years. Seismic is committed to creating a workplace that evolves in tandem with the changes to best support our team.” - Linda Ho, Chief People Officer, Seismic 

Fostering collaboration, productivity, and wellness

Unlike traditional offices that are organized by department, Seismic’s new workplace is built for their global hybrid workforce, using activity zones to connect teams and foster productivity. Integrated technology enables seamless collaboration between in-person and remote colleagues and a variety of space types, including large flex spaces; innovation hubs; a social hub; a library and private rooms for focus work; a game room for team building and relaxation; a wellness lounge; and a recharge room for yoga, praying, and more support different team tasks and functions.

“In our Global Workplace Insights report, more than half of workers surveyed globally said they struggle to do their jobs in their current office environments. Seismic listened to what employees needed by creating activity zones and innovation hubs throughout the office to drive movement, spark creativity, and enable easy cross-communication for every member of the team.” - Alex Dupnik, Senior Design Associate, Unispace

Futureproofing for success 

Seismic’s new office is designed to meet the needs of their people now, and in the future. As work continues to evolve, their workplace will too to best support their team. Using space utilization tools, they’ll be able to continuously refine the space functionality to serve their people for years to come.

San Diego has been our headquarters for the past 13 years and we are thrilled to bring this new, future-of-work environment into the city that has given us so much. We are proud to employ a hybrid, global workforce–and with our anticipated business growth, we look forward to continued expansion with local talent." - Doug Winter, Co-Founder and CEO, Seismic 

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