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Award-winning workplace design: Poising Seismic for the future

We partnered with global sales enablement firm, Seismic to help them achieve their goal of creating a “best-in-class” hybrid workplace for their new San Diego headquarters. The result? A space that inspires employees to do their best work, and is recognized by CoreNet, Newsweek, Fortune, and more for being one of the best workplaces. 

A workplace strategy for success

Wanting to be known for their innovative and experiential workplace, Seismic had five key priorities they wanted reflected in the office - flexibility, connections, collaboration, wellness, and inclusion. Our strategy and design teams worked hand-in-hand to understand what employees would need in the space and developed a design solution that included: 

  • Tech-enabled spaces to foster collaboration for remote and in-office staff
  • Zones for formal and informal interactions
  • Areas to support different needs - for focus, wellbeing, and diversity
  • Design elements that connected the company's brand and HQ location

Employees taking a video call

Value in a one-team approach

Through our integrated approach, we created a branded environment that empowered Seismic to rethink their workplace to be an effective hybrid setting. We brought stakeholders on the journey and supported them with the change management tools they needed to ensure employees were satisfied. Designed holistically, every choice we made reflected Seismic’s culture so they would feel connected, welcomed, and celebrated in their new home.

Employees collaborating in an office library

A leader in the future of work

Seismic’s new headquarters is a template for success for other technology companies. Our Global Workplace Insights report indicates employees want office technology that provides them with the flexibility to choose their own experience, blurring the lines between focus, collaboration, and play.  

Their completed workplace breaks from a traditional model to support their hybrid workforce. The office design represents the future of work with an adaptable floor plan, movable furniture and tools, and state-of-the-art technology. Thoughtful placements of branding and fixtures like hung custom surfboards from the ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and biophilia tie the headquarters together, creating a truly experiential space.

Learn more about Seismic’s space or get in touch to learn how we can help you create a hybrid workplace for the future.