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Awarded Gold by CPE Influence Awards: Progressing DEI in the workplace

Unispace has been recognized for the Most Effective DEI program by Commercial Property Executive for our commitment to embedding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in all aspects of our organization, for our clients, and the communities we work in. 

Driving DEIB in the workplace 

In our ever evolving and transforming world of work, the voices of change and conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are louder than ever. People want spaces that reflect authenticity, where they feel included, and focus on what matters.  

Through embedding DEIB into everything we do, including leadership opportunities, training, client initiatives, supplier diversity programs, and more, we’re shaping more than just our own culturewe’re impacting progress across the globe. 

Creating workplaces where everyone belongs 

Since beginning our journey of prioritizing DEIB values, we’ve made progress we’re proud of:

  • Achieving a milestone in our corporate diversity goals with more than 40% of leadership positions being held by women
  • Implementing our “3P” plan, aiming to create an environment that sets all employees up for success. This comprises of policies that support the diverse needs of employees, people-centric initiatives, and inclusive procurement
  • Creating connections between organizations and their communities through our Art for Impact program (AFI)
  • Reaffirming our commitment to building a culture of inclusion and belonging through participating in the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge

Through these efforts, we’re putting action behind our words, and building a future of work where everyone belongs and people from all walks of life feel welcome. 

“The most powerful billboard companies have to tell their story and drive cultural change is their physical space and the experiences they create for their people. The workplace is a core     differentiator for companies to recruit, develop and retain talent, and put a premium on         belonging.” - Chely Wright, Chief Diversity Officer  

Integrating DEI in design  

Now more than ever, people expect authenticity and to feel supported and welcomed, especially in the spaces they inhabit. We’re helping clients like Bread Financial and Orrick turn their DEI goals and vision into reality through workplace design. For example, we created a workplace that supported all of Bread Financial’s employees, with a focus on meeting the needs of neurodiverse staff. To make the office truly inclusive, we incorporated drop ceilings to address acoustical concerns, added specialized lighting and ample outdoor space, and used a neighborhood floorplan with pods for privacy and dedicated spaces for town hall meetings and group collaboration. 

Through our AFI program we helped to bring repeat client Orrick’s DEI vision to life by matching them with local artist Robert Vargas to create two custom murals that represented Orrick’s culture and commitment to the community. Now when team members and clients walk into Orrick’s office, there is a connection to their brand and mission.  

Rebuilding the foundation of commercial environments 

DEIB strategies are not a one-size-fits-all approach, but spaces designed with diversity and inclusion at the forefront can help make cultural change possible. Progressing DEI in the workplace goes beyond simple diversity to fostering a genuine sense of belonging for everyone. We’re committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive society through design, and we’re dedicated to continuously improving and growing as we continue our journey. “It’s an ongoing process for progress, requiring a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation.” 

Connect with us to learn how we can help you achieve your DEIB goals through design.

Additional accolades:

Top 100 DEI Team Finalist in OnConferences's Global Awards