Our people

Photo of Aimee Collins

Aimee Collins

Principal, Design

For over 15 years, Seattle-based Aimee has practiced as an interior designer and planner for corporate, hospitality, residential and retail spaces. With health and wellness playing an ever-increasingly important role in the workplace, Aimee aspires to create spaces that draw upon nature and feel like a breath of fresh air.

Photo of Albert De Plazaola

Albert De Plazaola

Global Principal, Strategy

Based in San Francisco, Albert is a strategy consultant with extensive experience in people-centred design and change strategies for private and public institutions. By leveraging design thinking and a user-centric approach, he moves beyond the typical motivations to explore how meaningful change can occur to foster greater organisational responsiveness, adaptability and innovation.

Photo of Amro Salem

Amro Salem

Global Director, Delivery

Focused, dedicated and pragmatic, Amro has been spearheading commercial interiors projects for over 15 years. Drawing upon deep industry knowledge, he adds immense commercial value to every aspect of a project, ensuring that strategy seamlessly translates through to design and delivery.

Photo of Andrew Simmons

Andrew Simmons


Results driven and resourceful, Andrew strategically guides our New Zealand presence from his home base of Auckland. He has the ability to develop and strengthen management teams and draws on strong leadership skills and a broad knowledge of the industry to achieve results for Unispace clients. Andrew is passionate about aligning client business objectives with design and technology to achieve successful, project outcomes.

Photo of  Andy De La Torre

Andy De La Torre

Assistant Project Manager

Andy came to our Downtown Los Angeles studio after working in China and Japan. He prizes our team’s diverse professional backgrounds and our commitment to ongoing staff education which offer him a myriad of learning opportunities. As a construction industry professional, Andy thrives on those complex projects only our methodology can effectively deliver.

Photo of Anthony Hazell

Anthony Hazell

Managing Director

Results-driven and personable, Anthony leads Unispace’s Europe region which includes offices across the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands. As one of our founding Directors, he utilises his 15 years’ design and construction industry experience to motivate Unispace’s project teams and goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Photo of Antonio Borghi

Antonio Borghi

Associate, Client Relations

With 20 years’ professional experience, Antonio is an Associate at Unispace, based in Milan. Antonio works closely with the Client Partnerships and Design teams in Italy to achieve polished project solutions.

Photo of Ashita Gupta

Ashita Gupta

Corporate Controller

Ashita is the Corporate Controller for the Americas. Based in our Downtown Los Angeles studio, she is responsible for financial activities and reporting across one of our fastest growing regions and is a key contributor to the implementation of our global accounting system.

Our strategists, designers and construction professionals inspire
each other to craft ground breaking solutions to the unique challenges of today’s built environment.

Photo of Bill Friel

Bill Friel

Senior Associate, Client Relations

A national leader in construction management, Bill’s 30 years’ experience see him guiding projects from initial financing to project closeout, while constantly value engineering along the way. A strong advocate for Unispace Methodology’s since its inception, Bill leverages his vast network of connections to create projects which meet client deadlines and budgets across the Americas.

Photo of Bob Chase

Bob Chase

Managing Director

Bob leads the West Region of the Americas which includes studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. After 25 years as an accomplished consultant services vice-president and eBay General Manager, Bob brings a fresh perspective to our industry and operations to help Unispace continue on its fast-paced growth trajectory.

Photo of Charles Hales

Charles Hales

Managing Director

A strong, dynamic leader and one of Unispace’s founding Directors, Charles leads the Australia region presence as well as our global operations. Over the years he has gathered wide-ranging knowledge of design and construction, allowing him to skilfully guide our project teams, clients and collaborators.

Photo of Dale Woodcock

Dale Woodcock

Regional Principal, Business Development

Backed by 12 years of industry experience, Dale’s focus is on supporting our client relationships across Europe. He has been the lead client sponsor on prestigious Unispace projects including Arab Banking Corporation, Trend Micro, IMS Health, Deloitte and BNP Paribas. In previous roles he generated new business in London’s square mile and delivered flagship, projects for leading corporates throughout Europe.

Photo of Daniel Grinter

Daniel Grinter

Principal, Design

Christchurch-based Daniel has over 10 years’ international experience from commercial, residential and tertiary projects, through to workplace design. He believes great architecture is the result of a collaborative design process that considers what has gone before and imagines what the future may bring.

Photo of David Richards

David Richards

Associate, Design – Visualisation Specialist

David is an Associate, Design – Visualisation Specialist and is currently based in our London studio. With a background as a multidisciplinary 3D artist and photographer, he has gained essential experience and work flows from different design sectors. As well as producing high quality photo real 3D stills for document, digital submission and large scale print, he also manages the delivery of animation, infographics, virtual tours, and interactive techniques that assist in design development, presentations and submissions.

Photo of Dean Rikanovic

Dean Rikanovic

Principal, Design

With highly developed conceptual design skills and 15 years’ professional experience, Dean is an innovative designer with a passion for high-end design. He has practiced across Australia and internationally, working on a number of award-winning projects. Currently based in Perth, Dean has also worked on some of Australia’s largest workplaces, including ANZ Centre Docklands.

Photo of Enza Parrella

Enza Parrella

Principal, Design

With over two decades of experience designing workplaces, Enza leads Unispace’s design team across the Midwest. Her award-winning work for national and global clients in finance, professional services, legal and lifestyle bring together strategic planning and a collaborative approach to ensure successful outcomes. Enza believes that today’s offices should be about the people in them, and that their talent dictates the environment.

Photo of Gareth Hales

Gareth Hales

Chief Executive Officer

Taking the global helm of Unispace since our inception, Gareth leads through strength of character and a visionary plan for growth, culture, client service and the community. His 20 plus years in the design and construction industry have imparted a knowledge base empowering him to advise regional leadership and the global board.

Photo of Glenn Chellberg

Glenn Chellberg

Principal, Client Relations

Glenn is a talented facilitator, working with a range of clients in the market to bring definition and clarity to projects. As a leader of our Minneapolis office, he has an excellent grasp of client requirements and aims to meet or exceed all budgetary and schedule expectations. Glenn is passionate about creating transformational environments that align to human needs, as well as business objectives.

Photo of Graeme Scannell

Graeme Scannell

Principal, Design

Graeme has had a dynamic career spanning more than 20 years where he has continually delivered bespoke, forward thinking design solutions. Currently based in Perth, he has worked in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, gaining extensive experience in forward-thinking solutions for clients while ensuring an efficient collaboration between people, technology and space.

Photo of Hannah Hackathorn

Hannah Hackathorn

Principal, Design

Hannah lends 15 years of large-scale corporate workplace expertise to the design of progressive environments for a myriad of client types. Human-centered in her approach, Hannah believes that workplaces should function for the people who inhabit them. She encourages her team to challenge the industry’s pre-conceived notions, leading to greater learning opportunities for our people, clients and collaborators.

Photo of Harry Rowntree

Harry Rowntree

Regional Principal, Design

Harry’s early design experience was shaped by a number of residential projects across New Zealand, followed by several years working in Japan on a range of exciting projects including headquarters for Microsoft and Accenture. Currently based in our Auckland studio, Harry has worked alongside renowned Japanese designers such as Masaki Kasuya and Taiji Yamamoto.

Photo of Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons

Project Director

Based in our Auckland studio, Jack’s strengths include programming, reviewing quality standards and deftly supervising contractors and consultants. With nearly 20 years’ property industry experience, Jack has led the project delivery of both residential and commercial projects, including site and construction management.

Photo of Janina Mantl

Janina Mantl

Associate, Design – FF&E

Janina is Associate, Design – FF&E in our London studio. Her role involves consulting with designers and clients regarding furniture specification, managing development of high-end office furniture including procurement, delivery and installation. Janina manages existing clients day to day, gaining detailed knowledge of the industry and various manufacturers, and how their product offering is applicable to our projects.

Photo of Jeff Southard

Jeff Southard

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Unispace US Midwest, which includes Chicago, Minneapolis and Columbus, Jeff continuously strives to deliver cutting edge workplace solutions. His hands on approach, decades of industry experience and focus on client satisfaction translate to long term relationships built on transparency and accountability. Jeff is one of Unispace’s founding Directors.

Photo of John Bechara

John Bechara

Principal, Client Relations

Based in Sydney, John brings over 15 years of experience to our team. He has a strong sense of our global reach, having worked with clients across each of our regions. With a background in accounting and project management, John combines his analytical thinking and attention to detail to his role as Client Executive, sourcing creative solutions that achieve measurable results for our clients.

Photo of Jon Blackburn

Jon Blackburn

Global Chief Financial Officer

Jon’s 30 plus years of global experience stand him in excellent stead to lead Unispace’s finance and advise on our future strategic direction. With a talent for dealing with ambiguity and complex change, he marries broad and specialist knowledge from his career within financial and professional services to add value to our leadership team.

Photo of Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green

Head of Global Client Services

Based in our Melbourne studio, Jonathan leads our Global Client Services team. With a decade of experience supporting clients throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and The Americas, he understands the unique challenges involved with managing and delivering successful projects internationally. He works closely with the teams across our 35 studios to strategically support how we can share learnings and innovation with our global clients.

Photo of Justin Conceicao

Justin Conceicao

Senior Associate, Strategy

Justin has 10 years’ client-side workplace strategy and space planning experience in the telecommunication and education sectors within Australia and Singapore. Based in our Sydney studio, he uses his client-centric perspective to deliver customised workplace solutions that are closely aligned with business needs.

Photo of Kate Putaski

Kate Putaski

Senior Associate, Design

Kate is a Chicago-based designer whose curiosity about the future of the workplace drives her to question convention and push boundaries. Her designs fuse hospitality and corporate interiors to achieve function and enhance productivity while her knowledge of 3D modeling software enables her to anticipate constructability issues. Kate is an active member of her local design community.

Photo of Kevin Mc Cabe

Kevin Mc Cabe

Principal, Delivery

Kevin has over 15 years’ experience within the construction industry. After graduating in Ireland and gaining invaluable experience, he relocated to Australia where he has delivered projects for a wide range of clients including commercial, landlord, financial and government projects. Currently based in our Sydney studio, Kevin is a project delivery leader across Unispace’s Asia Pacific region.

Photo of Luke Rogers

Luke Rogers

Principal, Delivery

Luke is a client-focused construction professional with a strong commercial and financial awareness. Based in our Auckland studio, his experience in construction management, site management and project management, ensures a thorough approach when guiding the project team through the design and delivery process.

Photo of Madalena De Barros

Madalena De Barros

Principal, Design

For over 17 years Madalena has worked across commercial, residential and retail, playing a key role in the design and delivery of milestone projects for Australian and international clients. Currently leading design for our Sydney studio, her expertise includes client management and briefing, right through to concept design and project delivery.

Photo of Matt Lock

Matt Lock

Managing Director

Matt leads the North America East region, including New York, Boston and Washington DC. A founding Director, he sits on the Global Board where he’s viewed as a key contributor to our success. Matt’s extensive experience and passion for design and construction is making Unispace one of the fastest growing practices in the US.

Photo of Melati de Haas

Melati de Haas

Business Development Manager

Melati has accrued over 10 years of invaluable marketing and sales strategy experience, working alongside clients ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations. With the ability to confidently build key relationships, she has worked with and grown clientele across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and the USA.

Photo of Min Choe

Min Choe

Associate, Design

Min is an award-winning designer with over 12 years of experience in interior architectural projects. Drawn to the potential of our multi-disciplinary approach, Min joined our New York studio where she quickly became a strong design voice on a growing portfolio of high-end projects. Min excels at providing insightful spatial solutions that translate to long-lasting client relationships. 

Photo of Mirelle Walker

Mirelle Walker

Global Principal, Communications

Leading communications for Unispace globally, Mirelle creates and facilitates opportunities for connections and conversations. She’s passionate about organisational culture and using technologies to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a Prosci Change Management Practitioner, Mirelle also works with Unispace clients to support workplace change projects.

Photo of Natasha Bonugli

Natasha Bonugli

Regional Principal, Design

An architect by training, Natasha has focused her career on the interior projects of all scales. She has spent time practicing in New York and Boston and for the past 11 years has worked in the UK interiors market. She has acted as both Project and Design Director for schemes in the USA, Europe and Middle East, including several award-winning office fitout projects.

Photo of Nectarios Lazaris

Nectarios Lazaris

Global Chief Information Officer

Backed by over 10 years’ strategic IT and design technology experience within the AEC industry, our Global CIO Nectarios is passionate about using technology beyond efficiency increases. Based in Sydney, Nectarios works with our Board to redefine how technology supports business strategy and operations. He encourages innovation and business performance improvements to support our people and clients to succeed globally.

Photo of Neville Simmons

Neville Simmons

Managing Director

A knowledgeable industry leader and founding Director, Neville’s career began in the engineering sector, later encompassing all aspects of design and construction. His insights and commitment to establishing client relationships for life inform Unispace’s future direction and ongoing recruitment strategies.

Photo of Olivia McDonald

Olivia McDonald

Regional Principal, Marketing & Communications

Olivia is the Regional Principal, Marketing & Communications for Unispace’s Europe region. Based in London, and leveraging her global experience within Australia, the UAE and now UK, Olivia works closely with Strategy, Design and Client Partnerships teams, the wider European studios and the global Marketing & Communications team to convey the stories of Unispace, internally and externally.

Photo of Purvi Parikh

Purvi Parikh

Senior Designer

A highly driven and passionate Senior Designer, Purvi joined our London team with over five years of experience in the commercial design industry. Having delivered a number of successful projects in London and the United Kingdom, Purvi is currently working on projects across Europe.

Photo of Ron Markham

Ron Markham

Co-Founder – Business Development

Los Angeles-based Ron Markham has played a vital part in the development of the Americas Region since our founding. Ron serves on the Global Executive Team and Board of Directors where he focuses his talent and passion for our methodology on global business development.

Photo of Ross Markham

Ross Markham

Principal, Client Relations

Orchestrating complex teams with a focus on client satisfaction, Ross believes in the power of creating repeat clients through excellent service. Using this goal, he has brought our unique design capabilities and methodology to bear on a wide variety of project types across the Americas. Based in New York, Ross focuses on delivering projects with unparalleled speed, quality and efficiency.

Photo of Ryan Caffyn-Parsons

Ryan Caffyn-Parsons

Global Director, Delivery

Ryan leads our design, technical and project management capabilities of Unispace’s North American business.  With more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of complex, fast paced, construction projects, Ryan orchestrates national and local teams to guide a collaborative process that translates to a seamless client experience.

Photo of Sam Hendry

Sam Hendry

Senior Designer

Sam is a Senior Designer with over 14 years of experience gained across the finance, legal and leisure sectors. Based in our Aberdeen studio, Sam works closely with our clients, takes robust briefs and comes up with new design ideas to make sure delivered opportunities are cutting edge.

Photo of Sandy Franco

Sandy Franco

Senior Designer

With a thorough understanding of the design process, Sandy is an innovative designer who ensures her creative output is a direct reflection of clients aspirations and requirements. Based in Perth, Sandy has over 10 years’ experience working in the legal, education and retail sectors throughout Australia.

Photo of Sarah Bench

Sarah Bench

Global Director, People & Culture

Based in our Sydney studio, Sarah creates Unispace’s global employee experience aligned to our unique culture and strategic direction. She has international experience that includes stints spent in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney and has worked within corporates, as well as professional and financial services.

Photo of Sarah Langford

Sarah Langford

Principal, Design

Based in our Auckland studio, Sarah has over 18 years’ workplace industry experience. Her design work is both transformative and challenging, bringing a voice of innovation to the table. Sarah is skillful in both the creative and technical aspects of design, as well as client and consultant liaison.

Photo of Shauna Fitzpatrick

Shauna Fitzpatrick

Associate, Design

Shauna has extensive experience in the commercial, education and residential sectors, ranging from large-scale office developments to smaller high specification residential refurbishments. After gaining valuable experience in major design practices in both Ireland and Australia, Shauna joined the Unispace team and is currently based in Dublin.

Photo of Simon Pole

Simon Pole

Global Director, Design

With 20 years’ experience leading exceptional and complex projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, Simon’s ideas enhance workplace performance and change the way businesses do business. He is a global leader in agile workstyles across multiple industry sectors, delivering ground-breaking concepts and award winning environments for his clients.

Photo of Susan Ehrlich

Susan Ehrlich

Regional Director, People & Culture

Susan leads the People & Culture function for the Americas Region to enable human-centric growth. Susan is committed to the development of a comprehensive, best-in-class benefits package, a broad-ranging corporate social responsibility program, as well as a myriad of employee wellness initiatives that will continue to position Unispace as the A/E/C industry’s employer of choice.

Photo of Victoria Simmons

Victoria Simmons

Assistant Project Manager

Victoria has an outstanding ability to manage all aspects of project management and administration. With over five years' experience across the financial, IT, government and hospitality sectors, Victoria is also passionate about corporate social responsibility having worked on one of our pro bono projects in Melbourne.

Photo of Vincent Poon

Vincent Poon

Global Principal, Design – Digital Integration

With more than 15 years’ experience in architectural design – 10 of which have focused on building information modelling (BIM) – Vincent heads up Unispace’s Design Technology. He provides direction and strategic leadership to BIM across the firm and is skilled in developing execution plans as well as establishing methodologies and best practices for design-technology integration.

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