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Sparking a workplace revolution: Hybrid working at Unispace

Sparking a workplace revolution: Unispace CEO Steve Quick gives 600+ employees the gift of choice when it comes to how and where they work.

We know hybrid working is here to stay and the 9-5 working week in the office is a thing of the past. We’ve been working with our clients to implement our future workplace framework – Propeller – which blends the best of remote and office work for the future workplace. We’re walking the talk, putting this and other blended working initiatives into practice across our studios.

Walking the talk: blended working at Unispace

Forging ahead of the market, we’re igniting an adaptable workplace revolution — we call it ‘blended working’. CEO Steve Quick is confident that Unispace is ahead of the curve in expanding Propeller into a permanently blended workweek tailored to our employees’ needs and preferences.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we know the employee experience is top of the agenda and that extends beyond the physical workplace.” Says Steve. “We recognize the varying needs of all five generations in the workplace and want to create an inclusive environment that supports flexibility in where and how we work, while still prioritizing our clients.”

Blended working at Unispace

  • A hybrid working week – the gift of flexibility
As the world comes out of lockdown, it is evident that there are mixed emotions surrounding returning to the office. Our client research reflects that 80–90% of the workforce wants to continue working remotely at least one day a week.

We’re asking our teams to work with a truly hybrid approach. While we’re suggesting 40–60% in the studio could be optimal, we’re advocating for people to locate wherever they do their best work.

Team members can choose which days they come in and how long for. It’s about recognizing work as an activity, not a place, and providing autonomy over their schedule.

Being in a studio takes on new meaning. It becomes a place where people, whether employees, clients, and other associates, come together to collaborate, innovate and socialize.
  • Studio hop – the gift of travel
The opportunity to work from any of our global studios for up to four weeks each year – helping maximize employee collaboration, broaden their horizons and explore new cultures, or simply better align with holiday plans.

With 48 studios in 26 countries to choose from, there’s no shortage of options.
  • Creative Friday – the gift of time
In negating the traditional nine-to-five model, Creative Friday aims at minimizing internal meetings on Friday afternoons.

We’re urging employees to prioritize their wellbeing and mental health by choosing how to spend their Friday afternoons, whether that’s relaxing, learning, volunteering, or socializing.

Leading the future of work

“Blended working paves the way for the future of the workplace, not only for our employees but for the benefit of our clients,” Quick states. “Businesses are at risk of regressing to outdated ways of working, without a clear future workplace strategy in place. So, we’re showing them how easy it can be to implement flexible working practices.”

Presenteeism is out: autonomy is in

This type of initiative advocates for total flexibility and choice. “With remote working becoming the norm, we’ve seen the death of presenteeism over the last year, without a reduction in productivity or motivation. This tells us businesses need to give employees genuine autonomy over how and where they work,” explains Quick. “Blended working goes one step further. We’re trusting our people by offering benefits that will expand their personal and professional experience, to broaden their horizons.”

Our chief concern is maximizing employee opportunity while still providing superior client experience and service. Quick is eager to get ahead of the curve, strategizing the future of the workplace, and is excited to see how Unispace will grow with this revolution.

“We’re excited about launching blended working, seeing the benefits our employees will reap in prioritizing their development, health and wellbeing as we transition out of lockdowns globally,” Quick states. “I really do believe we’re in the presence of a true workplace transformation, and I’m excited to see where Unispace takes it.

“When it comes down to it, we’ve examined the strengths in remote working and office working through Propeller and are blending them together to maximize workplace culture, wellbeing, and efficiency at Unispace.”

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