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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Creating spaces where everyone is welcome


This is who we are.

We are committed to making Unispace a place where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves, everyday.

We celebrate differences and believe that embedding progressive DEIB is a moral and global imperative.

"Let’s work to build a future of work where everyone belongs, by design."

Meet Steve Quick, our Global CEO


DEIB in action

Actions speak louder than words, and we’re wholly committed to making what we say real. From physical space design that goes well beyond code-compliance to partnering with clients in building human experiences that advance their cultural and inclusion goals, we are focused on creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and has equal access.  

We created our Unispace Art for Impact program to manifest a culture of community, belonging, and human connection in physical spaces through supporting diverse art, artists, and local organizations. Our goal is to create new ecosystems of engagement and purpose between the corporate world, people, and the communities we work in.  

See it in action at international law firm Orrick's Los Angeles office:

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Driving purpose for ourselves and our communities

We are focused on driving impact through our DEIB Framework, collaboration across our team, our projects, and our client relationships.

As part this mission we've launched a podcast, Groundbreakers, exploring the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the workplace. Subscribe and listen to inspiring conversations with host, Chief Diversity Officer, Chely Wright and industry leaders, advocates, and more!


Attracting the best talent who share our vision and purpose


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Developing our team

By embedding DEIB principles into everything we do – whether it be leadership opportunities, impactful training, or exciting client projects – we are shaping our workplace and the direction of workplace culture across the globe. Our DEIB initiatives are supported through our Women at Unispace Employee Resource Group (ERG) and our Parents and Caregivers at Unispace ERG, which foster forums for engagement, learning, exploration, community, and action for all employees.


Building diverse partnerships

By being mindful of whom we work with, we're committed to making the industry more inclusive and supporting our clients in their journeys.

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Establishing peer–to–peer counsel

Engaging in thought partnership within our industry and beyond is critical if we want to meet this moment of transformation to accelerate real change.

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A truly global network

We’ve established partnerships with key agencies and organizations to help us identify, engage, and hire diverse vendors. With the support of our partners, we strive for transformative change through our Global Supplier Diversity Program.

Our approach to DEIB is part of everything we do.
Read more about our DEIB thought-leadership.

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