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As part of our ambitious global growth strategy, we’re making enhancements to our Global Enterprise Team including the appointment of Emily Watkins as Senior Principal, Global Head of Enterprise.

In her new role, Emily will lead our evolved and growing Enterprise structure to provide our clients with the highest level of service and consistency. She brings a wealth of experience with over 20 years leading teams for commercial and retail spaces and spearheading innovation and product development processes. She has a reputation for being a catalyst for change in the creation of work environments and helping companies stay ahead of the competition and industry disruption. 

Recent addition to our San Francisco team, Bill Roberts, Principal, Enterprise Account Development shares, “I'm really excited to work with Emily and create engaging experiences for our Enterprise clients. Emily's impressive background in helping diverse organizations create value and her passion for meeting the needs of multinational businesses make her an excellent leader for our team." 

We caught up with Emily to learn more about her new role and how Unispace's  Enterprise offering will help global brands meet the pace of change. 

Congratulations on your promotion! Can you tell us a little bit about your new role? 

My primary focus will be creating consistency across the globe in the way we show up for Enterprise clients. One of Unispace’s major offerings is being able to hit the ground running with our projects, so I’ll play a major part in ensuring we’re delivering efficiently and consistently across our entire portfolio. Many of our Enterprise clients are looking for solutions for various workplaces around the world. I’ll be involved in making sure each workplace aligns with the client’s global standards while fitting into its local context.

What are some of the unique needs of Enterprise clients? 

Enterprise clients need partners who can help them create long-term strategies, scale rapidly, and ensure consistency across different geographies. They require a deep understanding of their business processes and how they’re organized, because they’re often looking for multiple spaces to be built simultaneously and don’t have time to provide detailed explanations for each workplace. Enterprise clients are changing the entire design of their office spaces to make them focused on bringing teams together, supporting diversity, and demonstrating their culture. It’s extremely valuable for them to have a partner who can deliver solutions that can achieve high levels of employee engagement in any country.

How is Unispace uniquely positioned to capture Enterprise markets? 

For organizations with multi-site needs, our integrated approach blending strategy, design, and construction delivery capabilities can shorten project timelines, create earlier cost certainty, and eliminate the need to hire multiple firms. We offer boots on the ground in many global locations to allow us to mobilize our teams to deliver projects faster to help organizations scale their businesses and achieve their goals. 

Our recent acquisition of Downstream, a global experiential design firm, positions us to deliver environments that bring clients’ brands to life through integrated user experience strategy and environmental brand design. This expertise is just invaluable in today’s world where talent acquisition and retention are top priorities for global organizations.  

Shifting gears, a bit, as a workplace expert, how do you think global workspaces will evolve in 2022? 

2022 is going to be a transition year where global companies will test new design ideas, new methods for execution, new environment types, and new furniture configurations. Organizations know that the office needs to be different to engage employees and clients. Hybrid working models and employee choice are becoming the norm. Physical spaces now more than ever need to incorporate DE&I, sustainability, wellness, and flexibility into the built environment, so employees feel equal, inspired, appreciated, and safe.

Workplaces will continue to evolve beyond next year as we continue to learn about what resonates with users. Spaces must be adaptable so that when new needs inevitably arise, companies are ready to inspire and delight their users. 

Congratulations, Emily! To learn more about Unispace’s leaders, check out our People Page.