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  • 500 sqm
  • 5,400 sqft
  • Europe

Italy, Milan

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

As one of the biggest biotechnology companies in the world, Biogen needed to transform and fully maximise their existing space in order to accommodate their growing staff.

Biogen has been at the forefront of biotechnologies for over 40 years. Given their constant growth, the company engaged with Unispace to update their expansion space, increase the number of workstations and install new flexible spaces to foster collaboration.

The focus of the project is the reception area, which was designed to host informal meetings and multimedia presentations. This concept is also replicated in the cafeteria which is designed with a variety of seating and work settings forming a comprehensive work lounge. 

Informal open collaboration and focus work spaces were installed along the corridor equipped with modern sound-absorbing materials for excellent comfort and to foster communication across various teams.

The meeting rooms are adaptable and were installed with sliding foldable walls, decorated with coloured shapes on the glazed partitions. This allows the space to offer a variety of work settings depending on tasks and staff accommodation. 

Pouf seating, large magnetic boards and a multimedia screen characterise the brainstorming room and, like all meeting rooms in the office, can be booked by employees via their mobile phone. This enables staff to effectively manage and optimise workplace processes through the system.

The brand’s colours are incorporated throughout the new spaces in shades of green and blue, mixed together with mustard yellow, white and wooden surfaces. Organic shapes, saturated colours and soft textures create a natural juxtapose with straight lines and geometric compositions.

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