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Dashwood House, Landsec

  • 450 sqm
  • 4,840 sqft
  • Europe

UK, London

  • Design
  • Delivery

Following a successful project for Landsec, Unispace was  engaged to design a contemporary, welcoming reception at Dashwood House.

Through an existing and prosperous relationship, Unispace was engaged to refurbish Landsec’s existing reception on Liverpool Street in London.

The aim of the project was to revitalize the space and create a centre of activity, bringing the building to life, following a portfolio review of Landsec’s reception spaces. The client was looking to enhance customer and visitor experience as soon as they walk into the building.

The team at Unispace introduced a café space and an outdoor terrace amongst a variety of informal meet and greet settings.

By moving the entry point into the building with new revolving doors, we were able to create an outdoor terrace whilst also enhancing the journey into the building. This allows Landsec to manage and control foot traffic into the building and reception.

The space was subtly split into reception and a café breakout area through materiality and joinery. The immediate reception has a more corporate look and feel, but this is softened as visitors move through the space into the breakout/café area. This is achieved by introducing timber, upholstery, pops of colour and biophilia. With both spaces having different functions and moods, the base palette remained the same in order to maintain consistency.

Due to the double height space, we worked with an existing datum line whilst integrating a new secondary one. This created a more intimate feel to subtly draw staff and visitors through the reception. This was also achieved by suspending a metal framed canopy above the café.

Landsec’s new boutique-inspired space has increased the assets value of the premises, and made the building a more desirable space to attract and retain business tenants, and encourage visitors and staff to use the space.

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