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Fintech Company

  • 14,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Seattle WA, USA

  • Design
  • Delivery
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The new office for this rapidly growing technology company embraces Seattle’s identity and creates a new home where engineers can work and meet.

As a rapidly growing mobile payment company that builds tools to empower and enrich people and businesses, they needed to relocate their Seattle office to have more room to grow and provide better amenities for current and future staff in a very competitive recruiting market. Driven by a tight budget and schedule, company leadership brought us on because of our integrated design and construction capabilities.

Home to many engineers, the workplace needed to give engineers visual and acoustic privacy. It adapts the company’s workstation standards to fit the engineers’ needs. Instead of having bench seating like in other locations, the Seattle office introduces workstations surrounded by three panels that provide needed acoustic and visual separation. A plethora of hangout and focus rooms supplement the workstations and create private spaces designed with IT/AV needs in mind.

Designed as a prototype for future locations, the office incorporates elements from global design standards while introducing new spaces tailored to these specific employee workstyles and local culture. To allow more light into the floor plan and increase the flow pattern, there are no exterior offices. It also incorporates a new integrated lighting system that rounds out the new office designed with software engineers in mind.

The design embraces the simple clean lines of the company’s brand standards and infuses local charm by layering elements specific to Seattle that evoke the nature of the Pacific Northwest and coffee tones that are a nod to the city’s booming coffee industry. The new office introduces more
amenities, more space to grow and a flexible café that can be reconfigured for all hand meetings. The industrial and polished aesthetic creates a commonality across the entire office all while highlighting Seattle’s unique character.

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