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Abbott Nutrition

  • 215,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Columbus OH, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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A progressive strategy, design and delivery approach reinvigorates Abbott Nutrition’s real estate portfolio and empowers leadership to recruit and retain world-class researchers. 

Abbott Nutrition is a subsidiary of a leading, globally diversified healthcare research and development company. Following years of growth, the organization found their dispersed Ohio facilities exhausted of usefulness and lacking in the modern workplace amenities that attract and retain their industry’s top talent.

While the primary campus remained a vibrant hub of research and finance, additional locations had become lonesome outposts with occupancy rates falling below 15%. Employees were fleeing to better serviced buildings or those locations which lessened their commute.

Our team of strategists, design and construction professionals were tasked with developing a plan for consolidation to a single facility, and to lead the relocation effort. Months of strategy and design experimentation revealed that the previously prized main campus could not accommodate headcounts, connect teams or effectively communicate Abbott’s identity. So we proposed a bold move: switch to a ground-up construction, in an up-and-coming commercial office park.

The new workplace, completed in the spring of 2017, breaks down silos by reducing private office assignments and implementing a judicious number of unassigned workstations. Open-concept benching systems define 80% of the work space, and within those, nearly half are outfitted with sit-to-stand height adjustable table solutions. Amenities include centralized collaborative kitchens with farm-to-table pop-up markets and a central dining room that accommodates over 200 employees for annual gatherings.

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