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Anderson Lloyd

Law firm Anderson Lloyd’s new Christchurch office is a village in its own right. Tied strongly to the community and the local area, it’s a welcoming and inspiring space for staff and clients.

Leading New Zealand law firm Anderson Lloyd prides itself on the boutique feel of its workspaces. They’re smart, responsive and accessible.

After the devastating earthquake in 2011, the Christchurch team was working out of a converted warehouse in the suburbs. As part of the rebuild of not just their own office, but of the whole city, Anderson Lloyd signed up to occupy one of the first new buildings to be completed in the CBD.

Housed within a striking, Cubist-style structure, Anderson Lloyd’s new space had to be an environment where their staff and clients felt comfortable. It also needed to showcase the firm’s community connections, reflect its values, be enduring, down to earth and creative.

Our team developed a ‘connected village’ concept for the office with areas zoned into streets and town squares, dining and business districts. Open plan communal spaces form natural hubs for congregation, making it easier for staff to work and communicate across teams.

Lighting strips enhance the glow of a warm macrocarpa timber ceiling and back wall in the reception area, inviting clients in where barista coffee awaits them in.

The space is closely linked to the local area and pays homage to the past, using natural, honest materials such as blue stone and recycled copper from surrounding demolished buildings. Graphics on the glazed detailing are photographs of the surrounding Christchurch area, and artworks the firm has sponsored in the community.

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Anderson Lloyd



Christchurch, New Zealand







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Anderson Lloyd,
Christchurch, New Zealand

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