3,600 sqm
38,750 sqft


Keeping the heritage of Brioni in focus, we created an elegant workplace which would foster their boutique brand essence and work styles.

Universally recognised as one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the men’s fashion industry, Brioni engaged our team to design, project manage and deliver their new global head office in Rome, Italy.

Their workplace in Rome had to reflect this same quality and style. The project involved structural modifications to a heritage 1800’s building located in the heart of the city. The brief of the project was to design the space keeping in mind Brioni’s high-end fashion focus and boutique brand style. The workplace includes a design studio with all required specifications of lighting, furniture and layout. 

Alongside space planning, a utilisation study and interior design services, our team also dealt with the coordination of local council permits to ensure relevant approvals in connection with the heritage building.

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