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Confidential Fashion Retailer

  • 150,000 sqft
  • The Americas

New York NY, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Our seamless integration of strategy, design and delivery ushers a leading fashion retailer into a more collaborative, efficient and productive business future.

Our client is a recognised leader with a wide ranging portfolio of brand apparel tailored to plus-size women. 

In conjunction with a wholescale rebranding campaign and an upcoming relocation to the heart of downtown Manhattan, our client engaged us to evaluate their workplace practices then design and deliver a space that would increase efficiency while reflecting the sophistication of their new identity. 

We believe the development and implementation of a new workplace strategy is one of the most significant and visible expressions of change that an organisation can undertake. 

We began by investigating our client’s space utilisation, work styles and departmental adjacency requirements. The findings were revealing: nearly 1,500 hours/week were lost to workplace inefficiencies and a space meant to promote collaboration left 60% of all employees isolated in cubicles or behind closed office doors. We quickly recommended shifting to a 90% open work plan and paring down private space to locate product within arm’s reach.

Equipped with this data, our designers set about translating strategy into headquarters that allowed the company to transition from an outdated, disjointed 7-floor tenancy to a 2-floor collaborative, open work environment interconnected by a sculptural staircase. 

The product itself is now the centerpiece of the space. We transformed a sea of cubicles with remote storage solutions into a collaborative benching system punctuated by “garment garages” that allow designers easy access to products in review or development. Sensible use of the new brand palette, combined with oversized graphics, provides a dramatic backdrop for products that empower women sizes 12 and above.

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