760 sqm
8,180 sqft


Accommodating the predicted growth within their existing space, we designed a refined and elegant office, expanding from their current space, for this top-tier financial company located in London.

To accommodate potential future growth within their business, this company looked to lease more space in their current building. We were tasked with the design based on our design team’s existing successful relationship with the company.

Our ultimate objective and brief was to apply the original design intent to the new space whilst providing further value to the business and simplifying some of the detailing. The desired space was to be aesthetically cohesive with existing space which is high-end, refined and elegant.

The design intent involved ensuring that this new space demonstrated visual connection to the brand and existing floor, ensuring all staff, visitors and clients would feel immediate association with the new work space.

This design style aligns with the premium nature of the building. Located in the West End, the building is a modern and professional working environment which perfectly locates our elegantly executed design for this company’s workspace.

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