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Dow Jones

  • 7,500 sqft
  • The Americas

San Francisco CA, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
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Dow Jones partners with Unispace to help consolidate online publication departments of Market Watch and The Wall Street Journal from three floors to one and a half in their San Francisco office.  

Dow Jones is an American publishing and financial information firm, focused on financial news publications, including its flagship publication, The Wall Street Journal.

The main project objective was to create an open-plan, active workplace that would attract talent in the heavy tech atmosphere of San Francisco. Additionally, the design needed to reflect the individual brands of the publications coming together. Combining these drivers with Dow Jones’ national workplace guidelines, the design team created a space that would harmonize these disparate elements.

The final design is both progressive and financial feeling, and reflects the online space that the publications are working in. Staff were moved from large, low cubicles into 100% benching workstations with adjustable height desks, and the new plan offers a huge amount of circulation and meeting space.

As a change for long time staff, the functionality of the new space was carefully implemented and communicated, and helps to encourage a new way of working. Branded elements within different work zones promote and identify the publications located there.

The project includes dedicated touchdown spaces, collaboration areas, a media space for video recording, closed door focus rooms, and a café space with partitions that adjust to accommodate multiple size meetings and social gatherings. On the lower floor, a client facing reception and conference space allows for larger and more formal meetings.

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