1,550 sqm
16,500 sqft


Rustic and natural with a modern twist, DrugDev’s new space allows maximum flexibility for this fast-growing company.

DrugDev helps pharmaceutical companies bring more drugs to market through better trial facilitation technology. Previously located in a disjointed residential space, their rapid growth could not accommodate growing staff and business processes.

We recognized their immediate need to relocate and with the help of our unique methodology and talented staff, quickly collaborated on an intense iterative process. Using agile test-fitting and massing charrettes, we created an innovative design for their new industrial-feel, brick and beam home in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood.

We gave staff the ability to work how and where they want, with a plan for now, and one for the future. The new workspace emphasizes open space with whiteboard collaboration areas and meeting options from single person phone booths to huddle and team rooms. With their current lower headcount, we gave all of the conference rooms glass walls to enhance visual connection of the space and keep the energy high. As the company grows, the open furniture lounges throughout will turn into open desking, and the circulation pattern is designed to still function as normal.

With exposed brick walls and open ceilings, tile and striped fabrics were added to juxtapose the rustic textures. DrugDev’s brand color of Deep Purple was used in the building core, with its signature green layered elsewhere. An additional neutral color pallet balances out the space, with pops of color in furniture to create visual interest. Decorative, track and pendant lighting were integrated to make the space lively and fun. Details like sprinkler-pull door handles were added to enhance the industrial vibe.

Our nimble design and delivery teams were able to work on a fast-track schedule to deliver everything from test-fits to furniture installation efficiently and without impact to the tight budget. By reusing materials and incorporating procurement right from the start, we were able to ensure no surprises as the project was completed.

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