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  • 80,730 sqft
  • Europe

UK, Aberdeen

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Significant growth led to Emerson relocating to a purpose-built workplace in Aberdeen, partnering with our team to create a highly connected and efficient team environment.

Emerson is a globally recognised foremost supplier of industry technologies across multiple business sectors. Significant growth within the Emerson business led to the amalgamation of their premises in Aberdeen. Their team relocated to a purpose-built headquarters facility at the new D2 Business Park in Dyce.

Their workplace combines Emerson’s operations, processes and staff of the five originally separately run businesses into one centralised environment. The project brief was to undertake the design and delivery of the internal fit-out of the 3,000 sqm office and 4,500 sqm industrial zones. 

Working with a preliminary design provided by Emerson’s global real estate partner, our team offered a practical, innovative and cost-effective interior design solution, taking advantage of the unique location and challenges raised by the company mergers. 

Emerson’s values are deeply rooted and reflect their professional character. Aesthetically, the colours used to connect with their ‘Lifecycle Services’ ethos, whilst the integration of smart technology demonstrates their progressive nature.

The boardroom is a central hub of excellence where client interface meets a results-oriented, engineering-driven organisation. In the lounge, clients and staff are able to relax and log in prior to travel. Open plan areas support diverse work settings e.g private work booths and media walls for presentations and rig calls. 

Our technical expertise offered savings by reconfiguring the industrial area layouts to better conform to building regulations and avoid unnecessary additional costs, delivering a highly efficient workflow in a durable and safe environment.

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