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  • 2,000 sqm
  • Asia Pacific

Australia, Melbourne

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Space for creativity, collaboration and focus propel forward thinking software development in Flexera’s playful new Melbourne office.

A global technology leader in software licensing, Flexera has 13 offices around the world. The highly productive team needed a new office space that would harness its collaborative culture and take it into the future.

Through leadership workshops, we identified the Melbourne team as the most productive globally – and also the happiest.  Its unique close-knit ‘tribe’ configuration was the key to its success. Flexera needed a space that would allow for collaborative work as well as technically complex tasks, and also give each team member a place they could make their own.  

First, we guided Flexera through the site selection, using Unispace’s global methodology to accurately forecast work costs and timelines. We selected a site that offered an abundance of natural light and a large open plan floor plate ideal for Flexera’s ‘new way of working’. We also managed the entire project to a challenging schedule, ensuring on time and on budget delivery.

Custom-designed pods are the heart of Flexera’s new workplace. Teams of eight sit facing each other to enable open communication and productivity, while pod walls minimise distraction and noise. Digital displays within the pods provide real time project feedback.

One of the first things visitors see upon entry is the Genius Bar, an elegant floating bar designed for client demonstrations. The space also includes a Knowledge Lab for larger collaborative work, a Learning Centre for town hall sessions for up to 90 people and a breakout area and dedicated play space that flows onto an open balcony – ideal for informal social interaction.

The space feels vibrant and fun. It expresses Flexera’s key values: space, transparency and connectivity. In the words of our client it is “inspiring, warm and flexera-ble.”

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