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  • 15,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Bellevue WA, USA

  • Design
  • Delivery
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Merging cultures and workstyles paves the route to future growth and top talent.

Grab is a Singapore-based tech company that offers a range of services related to ridesharing. Currently only available in Southeast Asia, Grab’s market dominance and rapid growth there required an increased push to retain top talent. Opening a location in Bellevue gives software engineers the option to stay in the US while still being able to work closely with Grab’s headquarter staff.

With access to the large talent pool of the Seattle area, Grab partnered with us to design and build a new workplace on an expedited schedule, but one that would still showcase their brand and give potential staff all the amenities they were used to at other top tech companies. Our speed to market process and unique methodology ensured that their workplace was designed and delivered on time all while creating a workplace that bridged Asian and US workstyles.

We worked directly with the Grab team based in Southeast Asia to understand their business goals as well as their culture, and implemented their vision while also adding a Pacific Northwest touch. We leveraged our global teams, working together with our Singapore and Seattle staff to ensure seamless dialogue and providing guidance each step of the way.

We made sure to understand their diverse body of employees and accommodated for many different workstyles. Grab moved into a semi-furnished space, but we enlarged it and made it their own by adding coworking areas to increase interactions, densifying work stations while increasing meeting areas, enhancing a large multifunctional space, and adding unique textured graphics throughout.

The finished project now sets the bar for their global workplace standards moving forward and the team has experienced an increased amount of collaboration among the different departments. Staff love using the multifunctional breakroom and are excited to host social gatherings.

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