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  • 11,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Chicago IL, USA

  • Delivery
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Our Chicago team brings a ground-breaking coworking design concept to life through risk-free delivery.

Founded in 2011, Grind is a pioneering shared workspace platform that aspires to foster the open exchange of ideas among its members. Called 'grindists', these 'free radicals' include freelancers, entrepreneurs, mobile professionals and startups. Grind’s space is designed as an airy, collaborative platform with huge floor to ceiling windows and all the coffee you can drink. The space does not lend itself to traditional working styles but offers an antidote to those who find antiquated office environments limiting.

While Grind is not filled with only tech startups, the space is notably high tech and includes a sophisticated, proprietary digital system to help members find fellow members whose skills they might need. A wall mounted digital gallery allows members to display successes, inquiries and opportunities.

By 2012, Grind set its sights on expanding to Chicago where the market was only just beginning to take notice of the shared workspace phenomenon spreading along the coasts. Unispace was tasked to bring the design concept to fruition through construction. Our team recommended and sourced readily available, inexpensive materials that express the design intent while minimising cost. The project, which marries exposed duct work, concrete floors, and contemporary furniture, was completed in eight weeks.

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