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Since 2012, Unispace company, Downstream, has had a strategic partnership with Nike’s internal workspace design team (WD+C) that continues today.

Our role has been to lead the creative process with Nike, understand country-specific branding and workspace requirements to guide the design process and creation of production artwork for each region. Downstream has designed and implemented installations for over 40+ projects across the globe.

Significant workspace projects can be found in Milan, Istanbul, Madrid, Hilversum, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Warsaw, Sydney, Melbourne, and Laakdal Belgium, Melbourne, Memphis.

Our team has worked very closely with Nike’s internal design leadership, bringing to life global workspace design guidelines and cultivating relationships with Nike’s regional leadership and local production agencies.

Storytelling can be relatively simple and straightforward. It can also involve multiple layers to describe and inform related stories. 

For instance, unpacking the distribution process. We look at what the local and environmental needs are, cultural differences, and what makes each unique.

The team delivers model concepts in 3D as advanced fly-through visualizations for leadership to imagine how the design will manifest in the space.

From concept design, modeling, project design documentation, material and furniture specifications, brand strategy and narrative, graphic concepts, and production files, we ensure a flawless project execution every time.

In the end, the project should always exceed expectations. Ensuring an excellent result that inspires the imagination of all staff, making them feel proud to be part of the Nike family.

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Concept Development
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Motion Graphics
Environmental Design
Interior Design
Vendor Management


Unispace - Nike Barcelona
Unispace - Nike Belgium
Unispace - Nike Melbourne
Unispace - Nike Memphis TN
Unispace - Nike Milan
Unispace - Nike Moscow
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Paris, France

Reach out to Tim Canfield for more information