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  • 7,500 sqft
  • The Americas
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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Our wellness-focused design for Novu's new workplace in Minneapolis empowers staff to live out the company's mission and transform healthcare marketing.  

Novu is a digital marketing platform that connects consumers with the healthcare industry to promote long-term relationships, cost reductions and higher quality of care.

Like Novu, we believe that organizations attain their most successful outcomes when they connect deeply with their people and the clients they serve.

So our workplace strategy team began by zeroing in on Novu’s current and future needs. With over 100 employees and growing rapidly, we determined that Novu’s new home should allow for expansion, reflect their unique culture, accommodate diverse workstyles and most importantly, be a model for the culture of workplace wellness that they champion.

Our design brings together an open, collaborative environment with carefully placed heads-down areas. A quiet room is available for focused work or relaxation, small phone and team rooms enable private conversations, and larger conference rooms facilitate meetings.

To encourage employee mobility, writable surfaces are placed throughout and all workstations incorporate sit-stand desks. Spread across two floors, the new Novu workplace is designed to accommodate for growth and will feature an interconnecting staircase.

Novu’s bright brand colors and whimsical accessories such as a faux rhinoceros head are woven into the space to pique the interest of staff and visitors while telegraphing a playful persona.

While our strategy and design teams helped bring Novu’s aspirations to life, our delivery teams translated an ambitious concept into a highly functional built environment using our time- and money-saving methodology.

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