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Project for Orange in Marseille
Project for Orange in Marseille
Project for Orange in Marseille
Project for Orange in Marseille
Project for Orange in Marseille
Project for Orange in Marseille



  • 53,820 sqft
  • Europe
  • Strategy
  • Design

We worked with Orange to unify employees from two sites into their St. Mauront building in Marseille, which was being under-utilised.

Orange puts their employees at the heart of everything they do, so when we were chosen to redesign the spaces in a codesign format, we took on the help and input from Orange employees.

Effective change management was of capital importance for this project, especially since the teams coming together in St Mauront were made up of six different entities, each having their own habits and ways of working.

Using analysis based on workplace personas, we compiled a subjective online questionnaire and carried out an objective on-site observation period to understand how the different teams operate. This enabled us to define a strategy that would allow employees to get on board with the upcoming changes in their workplace.

We created the change management plan with and for Orange, using continuous communication with all employees, management teams and focus groups according to the communication plan approved by Orange at project commencement.

An existing furniture survey was also conducted at the beginning of the project to better define the design phase. We piloted the entire furniture package to ensure that the materials delivered were coherent and harmonious with the core design, and respected Orange’s standards and supplier recommendations.

Unispace’s design included innovative solutions achieved through intelligent layouts, collaboration opportunities between employees and departments, and the furniture used.

All of this was completed while respecting the core values of Orange and making sure that employees were welcomed in a seamless manner.

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