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Philip Morris

  • 32,292 sqft
  • Europe

Belgium, Antwerp

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Philip Morris’ Antwerp workplace is equally a nod to their heritage and a platform propelling their Benelux team, product, and business into the future.

PM Benelux is changing the way they work, from their product offering to streamlining their processes. They needed a complete transformation in their workplace to support this, so they engaged Unispace to deliver their brand new premises in Antwerp.

It was important to promote and facilitate collaboration between departments, so we transitioned the business from cellular shared offices to an open plan environment. We crafted the space to ensure every work setting serves either a focus, work, team, living or community-centric activity.

The ground floor is home to the main cafe space and was loosely based on a town square. It’s a place where the whole business can come together and entertain, drawing people away from their desks. This diversity of space introduces a functional and varied platform for work and places an emphasis on access over ownership.

Drawing on Antwerp’s status as a major trade and cultural centre, the design of the new workplace pulls inspiration from its diversity and rich maritime trading history. Throughout the design, a refined industrial approach creates a sophisticated yet authentic work environment. Architecturally, the central meeting rooms are designed to be focal points within the space, pulling inspiration from shipping containers.

Desks and meeting rooms are situated in the periphery in order to take advantage of the abundant natural light and views. This allocation of space causes the main circulation to centre around the cores of the building and the connecting internal stair, enabling a central connection space accessed by all.

Integrated greenery, authentic materials, and curated colour all contribute to this bright and attractive space, where employees can thrive. Within their new dynamic and vibrant environment, PM Benelux can showcase new products and demonstrate the future-focused transformation of their business.

Nikitas Theophilopoulos, PM Benelux's Managing Director said, “Unispace did a fantastic job and I would like to thank them for the exceptional outcome of their hard work and great commitment to our project.”

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