1,052 sqm
11,323 sqft


We collaborated with Qlik to create a vibrant workplace in Barcelona, reflecting their drivers of inspiration, imagination and innovation.

Qlik delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 45,000 customers worldwide.

With growth ambitions to expand from an initial group of 8 to 90 team members, Qlik expects to grow to 114 people in the next year. They engaged Unispace to create a workplace which would support this future growth through the design and delivery of their space in Barcelona.

Our team produced a creative and vibrant office using a combination of bright colours and textures reflecting Qlik’s brand guidelines. A key feature involved Qlik’s unique color-coding system: green, grey, orange and white were fundamental to the design of the space and utilised across flooring, glazing manifestation and signage elements. 

We created a variety of workspaces and collaborative areas allowing maximum employee efficiency and productivity. Assigned workstations are located along the external windows and glazed walls, whilst closed meeting rooms are positioned at the north facing side of the office enabling natural daylight to filter throughout the space.

Inspiration, imagination and innovation were key drivers of Qlik’s brief, and were reflected through use of graphics, patterns, texture, joinery elements and ultimate design of the layout, including space such as a putting green, picnic-area and casual meeting zones with playful wall graphics.

In the centre of the office, a series of small meeting rooms divide the area into two zones for varying team activities such as quiet phone calls, casual meeting, and focused work. This also provides a noise buffer within the wider open plan to aid staff concentration. 

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