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Slate Magazine

  • 14,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Washington DC, USA

  • Design
  • Delivery
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A tailored design and delivery approach maximize a challenging budget to capture and amplify the vibrant culture of an award-winning digital magazine.

Slate Magazine is a daily online, general interest and current affairs publication that offers a witty take on politics, news, business, technology and culture. Slate is headquartered in New York City, with additional offices in Washington, DC.

Slate’s former DC offices, spread out across three separate suites on one floor, failed to foster the creative atmosphere that fuels their staff’s editorial voice. In transitioning to a new space, the publication looked to increase conference areas, address noise concerns and create two Podcast studios – all on a budget that left no room for error or cost overruns.

To meet these budgetary requirements, Slate opted to move into a space that could be repurposed at minimal expense. The publication then turned to our design and delivery team to enhance a generic environment with judicious, cost effective gestures that communicate their persona.

Our unique methodology allows our teams to explore project requirements in real time with current pricing and propose solutions that meet even the most challenging budgets and schedules.

For Slate’s new workplace, we used existing furniture and relied on inexpensive but impactful materials and fixtures. We reconfigured the existing layout into an open workplace complete with impromptu touch-down spaces that support the fast-paced exchange of ideas. Lastly, we skillfully managed the budget to deliver the two podcast studios that were critical to the project’s success.

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