2,150 sqm
23,000 sqft


Synlait rebuilds its headquarters into an open, egalitarian office space that better reflects its culture.

From its beginnings in the early 2000s, dairy processing company Synlait has grown rapidly to become New Zealand’s third biggest dairy company.

When Synlait decided to completely rebuild their manufacturing and corporate headquarters, they partnered with us to create a contemporary purpose-built space that builds communication, collaboration and engagement while increasing capacity from 40 to 140 people.

Complete with communal zones, quiet spaces, breakout areas and ergonomic standing desks, the new work environment is a perfect fit for the Synlait culture. Carpet reminiscent of the patchwork Canterbury Plains and a green living wall of plants connect the interior to the outside world.

The jewel in the crown is the ‘collaboration highway’ running right through the centre of the building. Defined with arches for privacy and lined with whiteboards, everyone, including C-level executives, has used it from the first day. We also simplified Synlait’s transition, helping with storage, guiding walk-throughs in the new office and fitting out interim facilities.

Since Synlait moved in, cross-functional relationships have prospered and productivity has accelerated. The team found the Unispace process such a good fit, they are expanding it to further projects.


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