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T. Marzetti

60,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Westerville OH, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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Just as T. Marzetti Co. brings raw food to a refined end product, we transformed their disjointed workplace into a single tasteful, flowing environment. 

The T. Marzetti Co. retained us for a full-scale change management, renovation and consolidation project across their five Ohio locations. We were tasked with transitioning a demographic of disjointed workers, half of whom will retire by 2020, to arrive at a single, unified location in central Ohio. In addition, we helped a staff long reliant on private offices transition to an open plan while addressing critical confidentiality requirements for senior executives.

T. Marzetti Co. converts whole, raw ingredients into refined consumer products. This process provided the foundation for our design concept, which transforms an under performing, conventional workplace into one that serves the needs of the company’s diverse and rapidly changing staff.

The kitchen features exposed ceilings and natural wood highlights throughout. Circular forms organize collaboration spaces and mimic the form of the company’s packaging. Complete with organic overtones and unpolished, unprocessed materials, this space represents the company’s raw ingredients.

In turn, the executive suites and boardroom represent Marzetti’s refined end product by using the same materiality as the raw spaces but in a more polished, sophisticated, or processed form. Visually, bright and fresh hints of the company’s brand are incorporated with timeless – but not traditional – surfaces.

Organizationally, our primary contact with the client retired during the strategy phase, and we helped to carry on his vision while balancing the new contact’s approach. We realized these varying aspirations as a cohesive design, while remaining true to the schedule and the company’s early 2017 lease expiration's.