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The Travel Corporation

  • 11,800 sqft
  • Asia Pacific

New Zealand, Auckland

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

A single workplace identity for a complex global travel group breaks down barriers between its different brands to spark creativity and collaboration.

More than two million travellers make lasting memories through The Travel Corporation’s brands every year. With 40 offices and 10,000 team members around the world, this international group represents 30 leading travel brands including Contiki, Insight Vacations and AAT Kings. 

When The Travel Corporation acquired the wholesale division of NRMA travel in 2013, it almost doubled its New Zealand-based staff. It needed a new, larger workplace for the growing team, one that would express The Travel Corporation’s unique culture while supporting the transition of Adventure World Travel staff into one collaborative team. 

Our team facilitated a leadership workshop to understand key objectives for the new space. These included encouraging strong relationships between the brands while preserving their unique identity and improving productivity through better communication and interaction. Initial surveys identified concerns with siloes between the two former offices, and between the brands represented. 

The new offices are spread over two floors, with light-filled open plan workspaces ensuring all team members are connected to their core functional or brand team.  Breakout spaces, informal meeting rooms and a cafe area provide areas for open communication and collaboration. 

It’s a welcoming and warm environment for staff and external visitors – including customers for its retail brands. A subtle distinction between the retail and operational zones ensures the space is still open, but reduces the impact of noise and traffic.

This proved a transformational fitout for the building, with extensive changes in look and feel to ensure the high quality requirements of The Travel Corporation were kept through the transition from old space to new.

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