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  • 14,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Chicago IL, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
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Creating a mature, welcoming and approachable space for this fledging tech company to operate their full potential.

Like many fast-growing tech companies, TruQua was in a very small, unattractive and cluttered environment. They wanted to move away from their disorganized furniture and technology into a space that would allow them to grow and that reflects their smart, forward-thinking nature. After conducting an in-depth visioning session, we incorporated all of their workplace desires into a comforting and approachable environment reminiscent of home.

At the heart of TruQua’s new office is the café, which is centrally located to provide employees a convenient place to eat, meet or work and is surrounded by a variety of workspaces including lounges, bench seating and offices. TruQua works with a variety of confidential clients and projects so security was important. Keeping this in mind we designed a hybrid open office environment that allows for collaboration and spontaneous interaction but incorporates security features like automatic locking features on office doors
to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

The office environment allows staff, who often work long hours, access to food, home-like amenities and a flexible space that supports a wide range of tasks for both individuals and groups. The entry space is also designed as a flexible reception and collaboration zone. There is no traditional receptionist, but rather, guests are greeted by staff meeting and collaborating, which showcases TruQua’s brand and values immediately while channeling a welcoming and home-like vibe. In addition, the entire office incorporates a range of different sized meeting rooms and writable walls and surfaces throughout to maximize opportunities for collaboration.

The building that TruQua moved into is a historic art deco space filled with unique angles and attributes, through close attention to detail and smart design choices such as finishes and textures, we were able to create a mature yet approachable office for this tech company with a limited budget.

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