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Unispace Boston

  • 6,300 sqft
  • The Americas

Boston MA, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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Refined elegance, a touch of personality and a multifaceted agile design combine to create a collaborative hub for our Boston team.

The agile workplace design of our new Boston studio breaks the traditional mold. It embodies our distinct design and construction methodology, and reflects the best of our workplace strategy thinking. 

Working together from day one, our strategy, design and delivery teams worked holistically to create an environment that empowers continuous collaboration and communication.

Each area has been designed to serve multiple functions. There are no assigned desks or private offices and our teams have the freedom to locate themselves wherever best suits their task throughout the day. Designed to ebb and flow as we grow, the space is a living lab enabling Unispace to help design better environments for our clients.

We envisioned the space as a living journey for our team, clients and peers alike. On arrival, visitors are drawn through an enclosed ‘Tunnel’, creating a moment to pause and reflect. Moving away from a traditional reception area, our design incorporates a curtained flexible lounge, which like our entire workspace, is equipped with AV capabilities. This, and the greater ‘Hub’ area are designed for café/dining, informal meetings and events.

An ‘Avenue’ of Herringbone Parquet leads visitors through the open workspace where we maximised views and open space for all to enjoy by internalising meeting rooms. To support our agile working environment, project storage, pin up areas and various-sized meeting spaces with locally reclaimed wood tables are spread throughout.

The space is a nod to the Unispace identity with a clean, crisp palette. Architectural elements take raw materials and refine them in unexpected ways such as ceiling panels and lighting enclosures, while digitally-designed graphic elements bring branding and light-hearted, fun features to the space.

Juxtaposed against the backdrop of Boston’s historical architecture, the space is a commentary on our forward-thinking outlook on workplace design.

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