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Unispace Los Angeles

  • 5,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Los Angeles CA, USA

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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The design of our pioneering DTLA office prompts staff and visitors alike to rethink the possibilities of a compact workspace.

In our former Los Angeles office, assigned workstations with high partitions insulated team members both visually and acoustically, while a lack of communal space impeded collaboration. Our design team seized upon our upcoming move to a smaller location in one of America’s most vibrant downtown areas to propose an innovative concept that challenges the status quo and fosters collaboration.

Our designers drew inspiration from a communal dining table and applied principles of activity based working design to create one oversized shared work surface that allows teams to determine their own day-to-day workplace parameters.  

The office maximises limited space to enable a fully mobile workforce through unassigned benching and technology. Team members move from location to location based on the needs of their projects. Embedded desktop technology within the main work surface and a fully cloud-based server enable staff access from all areas in the office. And much like a traditional home dining room, the entire staff gathers to work at one oversized table where conversation and the open exchange of ideas flow seamlessly.

When compared to a traditional layout, the design increases available dedicated workspace by 33% and communal space by 20%. The inclusion of a vertical feature wall to house the office materials library adds 490 sqft of storage space, which would otherwise have been lost.

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