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Workplace strategy is crucial to getting the best return on investment

At Unispace, we believe in the importance of the strategy phase at the beginning of a project. Our global strategy teams undertake physical and behavioral research and use insights to achieve exactly the right workplace for your organization, your business and your real estate goals.

Workplace strategy is the essential intelligence and experience that underpins bespoke designs for your new refurbishment – making better use of space, which often saves you money in the long run.


Intelligence informs design

We bring experience from other projects, industry best practice and insight to make better use of your space, and elevate the employee experience.

To better understand your business, we might use:

  • Focus groups, interviews and surveys
  • Ethnographic studies and experience mapping
  • Space usage studies and technology audits
  • Demographic analysis, cultural check-ups, wellness studies, and workstyle personas.

Additionally, we leverage intelligence gathered from other countries, cultures and industries to yours to further inform our approach.

Resilience by design

From your business goals, local context, leasing and property options, to your business culture, employee wellbeing and brand expression - we will sift through the qualitative and quantitative data points, and consider all of these elements to understand and plan for a positive impact on the psychology and sociology of your space.

Furthermore, we will always question conventional wisdom to make sure we deliver results for you.


*Our automated survey assesses work modes by people, department and enterprise. The chart shows an aggregate of over 9,000 responses describing work modes across all market.

A place for people

We never forget that the built environment is a human environment. It has to work for people – who they are, what they do, how they work, with all their whims and idiosyncrasies.

We're also here to help guide you through the human roadmap to transformation and change, helping people to not only understand but thrive in their new office environment.

Delivering Pernod Ricard's workplace
Watch how our strategic approach to workplaces allowed Pernod Ricard to build a truly convivial environment for their staff



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