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Spain, Madrid

  • Design
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After successfully delivering their office in Barcelona, we collaborated with Qlik to create a fresh and vibrant workplace in Madrid, amplifying workstyles and taking cue from their project drivers.

Qlik delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 45,000 customers worldwide. 

With a close relationship built from working together on previous projects in Amsterdam, Milan and Barcelona, Qlik’s team commissioned us to design and deliver their new environment in Madrid.

Their workplace brief were to create a welcoming and bright new environment to cater for 42 locally based staff, following their original project drivers of inspiration, imagination and innovation.

We created a vibrant workplace using a combination of the bright colours and textures from Qlik brand palette, supported through a variety of workstyles and collaborative areas allowing maximum employee efficiency and productivity.

A picnic area was integrated within the canteen space creating a relaxing and playful breakout zone, where the staff members could disconnect or interact.

With an engaging and collaborative workspace in mind, open plan workstations are located along the perimeter glazed walls whilst private meeting rooms are positioned as surrounding spines, allowing natural daylight to penetrate crucial work areas and quieter space to be moved away from the more populated zones.

Agile and informal meeting moments were strategically located within the centre of the open work floor, catering for quick encounters or agile workspace for visiting team members.

Our team successfully delivered a cutting-edge and supportive environment for Qlik, keeping within a very tight programme of 7 weeks, meeting all budget requirements. 

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