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  • 11,800 sqft
  • Asia Pacific

Australia, Canberra

  • Design
  • Delivery

With only two fixed workspaces in their new Canberra office, SAP is truly embracing the agile workplace mentality for their predominantly sales workforce – and for their visitors.

For leading software company SAP, relocating their Canberra team to a brand new building with only one other tenant provided a blank canvas. With an empty shell to work from, the client gave us only a few directions. Generally speaking, the space needed to be flexible for a range of purposes. This technology company didn’t want an overly techy feel to their surroundings. Instead, they wanted welcoming, innovative and inspiring.

SAP’s reception is about more than meeting and greeting. It’s a space designed for clients to actually use. There are hot-desks, an enormous touch screen wall with interactive content and iPads to demonstrate SAP software – an initiative they have in their 130 locations around the world. This ‘innovation space’ is also used by the team when they need to come together in a relaxed lounge setting to demonstrate and discuss ideas, or just
have a play on the large touchscreen wall.

When they need freedom to think, the team can head to the ‘design thinking room’. And what better way to clear your head than a spot of golf on an indoor putting green. Elements like this and the abundance of writable walls help to create a fun place to work.

An unusual but necessary requirement was a security rated meeting area. SAP does a lot of work with Australia’s defence force so they need a secure space where they can safely present their software solutions.

SAP’s contemporary logo inspired the interior graphics. We also embraced their tagline, ‘Run Simple’, which in plain words means that by being smart and clever, you can make the most complicated things appear simple. 

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